Here’s On How to Void a Check The Right Way

Do you know that you have to pay a voided check when you set up automatic bill payments, deposits from your employer, or investments from the bank account? The bank account information pops up on the checks, and whosoever asked for the voided check would utilize the information to create an electronic link to your bank account. The only concern is that you must know how to void a check, and if you have not done that before, there is nothing to worry about as the task is easy.

How To Write A Void Check

You have to write the word VOID in capitals in front of the check. It is vital to note that you must make sure that letters must be bold and tall. Also, it is significant to note the numbers at the bottom of the check, recipients require that number to create a link with the bank account. Ensure that you are using a fine-tipped marker or something prominent so that nobody is able to change or erase it. This ensures safety and security if the check gets in the hand of thieves, as they cannot take advantage of a check that has written VOID in bold over it.

Maintain Records: It is crucial to make a note of the check-in of the check register so that you know where that specific check went to. If you don’t take care of this, there could be a gap in check numbers that can lead to making you forgetful about the reason why you voided a check. It is crucial to mention the reason along with the check number, and date. 

Send the Check and Image: Your check is now all set to go. If you want to provide the check electronically, make sure that you do not send it out in open, in a standard email message. Also, it is significant to hide the account information from thieves and hackers. For example, upload the image in a secured file. 

How to void check in case you don’t have checks

Online Options: If you can set up the bank account link entirely online. Despite utilizing forms, that might require you to void a traditional check, try to log in to your account. In most cases, you are required to provide the bank account information in an online form. 

Deposit slips: A re-printed deposit slip might be required, but not the blank ones that you grab at the bank and fill out by hand. Also, there are chances to have these pre-printed slips in the back of the checkbook.

Starterchecks: The other solution is to make a visit to a branch and ask for a counter check. The consecutive might help you out with a print check and account information to it.

Check Printers: Another creative solution is to own a check printer to generate an image of a voided check for you. This technique would not function properly, if you need to mail the check it can be helpful to create an electronic image of a check consisting of the account information.

It is crucial to keep a copy: Once you have the voided check in your hands it is important to keep the copy, as you may need to show the voided check many times in upcoming years. In case, the original check is not required, you have the chance to utilize the same copy again and again.

You may need to show up voided checks many times, so it is crucial to maintain the record and keep copies for your convenience. Make sure that you must follow the tips to avoid fraud.

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