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Currently, 50% of the computer users suffer from some type of musculoskeletal discomfort. The purpose of the ergonomics program is to reduce this incidence. Three types of interventions are possible, at various levels, in order to achieve this objective:

  • Individual: daily physical exercise and quit smoking
  • Organizational: increase the variety of work tasks, reduce the number of computer use hours per day, increase the number of breaks and provide physical training facilities.
  • Ergonomic: improve the work station

The key elements of the training session refer to a correct body position at work, to avoid muscular overstressing, assessing the work station and the task checklist, analysis of the work station components – monitor, keyboard, mouse, support for the hand, monitor and legs, desk, chair, analysis of the work process, particularly in case of long working hours, identification of signs and symptoms, as well as possible solutions, including physical exercise and recreation breaks.

The in-depth analysis envisages the ergonomics champions of each team. The workshops organized with them will define the actual intervention plan: list of objectives, interviews/informal discussions, interpretation and follow-up.

Considering the fact that most of the musculoskeletal issues are improved by increasing the level of physical activity, this important factor will be taken into account, when measuring the results.

Casiopeea organizes prevention workshops on this subject, for interested groups.


The incidence of obesity continues to increase all over the world. In Romania, 49% of the men and 56% of the women are overweight or obese. The improvement in the daily diet depends on the level of awareness, motivation and social support.

The key elements of the program are group interventions, general assessments of the group concerning daily diet-related habits, physical exercise and the health state, basic information about nutrition and concrete recommendations about various nutritional elements, as well as many other pieces of practical advice.

In addition, we can organize groups focused on specific interests (types of food for certain diseases, types of diseases for certain age categories: children, adolescents etc.)

There are companies which want to enable the promotion of healthy diets among their employees. To this end, we can provide counselling and support to change nutrition habits.

Casiopeea organizes prevention workshops on this subject, for interested groups.