Review of Helium 10: Things you should know

Review of Helium 10: Things you should know

Helium 10 bills itself as the first all-in-one Amazon software in the industry. Products and keyword research tools, support with product listings, business administration, analytics, and marketing features are just a few of the things it offers to aid merchants in growing their Amazon-based businesses. As an Amazon seller you should know about is helium 10 worth it. Overall, Helium 10 has over 20 powerful tools that enable sellers to grow their businesses, and it serves both Fortune 500 firms and independent business owners.

Helium 10, which has earned the trust of over 250,000 users worldwide, has tracked more than 450 million products and handled staggering $1,4 billion in monthly transactions. When Helium 10 was first established in 2016, it used the Amazon listing optimization tool “Scribbles.” Today, they have a crew of more than 60 people who work all around the world.

Know about Product Research Helium 10

Product Research Helium 10 gives you everything you need, using strong analytics and clever filters, to locate high-converting items rapidly. Black Box, Trendster, and X-Ray are the names of these tools. Each is examined below in turn:

  • Black Box: With Black Box, you may quickly search through more than 450 million products.
  • Trendster: From the comfort of one convenient intelligent dashboard, you can see potential items and study sales patterns, demand, and seasonal effects.
  • In order to decide whether a product is worth selling on Amazon, you can do your research using the X-Ray tool, which offers revenue projections, sales trends, and prices.

Importance of keyword analysis

Finding effective search phrases is simple with Helium 10’s keyword research tools. Once you are aware of the keywords that your target audience uses, you can optimize your content to boost your ranking over time in search engine results.

  • Naturally, this is the situation where Helium 10’s extensive competitor research and smart keyword aggregation techniques shine:
  • Cerebro: With just one click, this tool shows the keyword strategy of your competitors. Reverse engineering successful postings allows Cerebro to identify their success factors. Then, you can follow the same model and enhance it to outperform your rivals.
  • Magnet: You may find thousands of high-ranking keywords using Magnet. Magnet will produce a list of useful related search terms based on a single search word you enter.
  • Misspellinator: This program looks for frequently misspelt terms and compiles “misspelt terms list” that are ready for use. These are jam-packed with misspelt keywords that you may exploit to your advantage.

What is list optimization?

To assist you create product listings that are of higher quality, Helium 10 provides writing resources and tutorials. By “enhance,” we mean that they will both rank higher and interact and appeal to potential buyers more effectively.

  • Frankenstein: This tool aids in the processing and organization of your keyword data into lists that are ready for usage. This saves so much time!

Use “Scribbles” to track the keywords you want to use in your product listings automatically. Every time you enter a suggested keyword when creating your material, it will be removed from your “keyword to-do list.”

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